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1.  What is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 Sterling Silver means that the content of the silver used in the item must be at least 92.5% pure silver and the balance of 7.5% can be various types of alloys. This is internationally accepted.


2.  What is silver plating, rhodium plating on silver? 

Silver by nature will tarnish and turn yellow or even black depending on the chemical composition of the person wearing it. Silver plating will give it a very bright and white finish and all our silver plated on sterling items come with a very special anti-tarnish coating. Rhodium plating is a thin layer of white gold plated over sterling silver and is usually more expensive. The contents of the silver are still 925.


3.  What is oxidized or antico finish?  

Some designs are replicas of old estate or antique jewelry designs that looks better with the darker background and therefore a special antique dark finish is applied to the jewelry to reflect that look. The contents of the silver are still 925 sterling silver.


4.  What is Electroform Silver Jewelry? 

This is a very special method of making sterling silver jewelry with the BIG & BOLD LOOK and very light in weight so it makes it affordable for the consumers to buy. This machinery and technology is very expensive and are mostly available in gold jewelry. There are also special freeform shapes we can make with this process that normally cannot be made in castings or stampings. THIS IS THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE FOR JEWELRY.

 5.  How do you ship the orders?

We ship by Federal Express, UPS, DHL, EMS or any commercial carrier  worldwide. All our prices are quoted FOB, Bangkok and the freight will be added to your invoice. Custom duties and insurance (if any) will be paid by you at your destination. A final commercial invoice and tracking number will be e-mailed to you after we dispatch the shipment.

6.  What are the terms of payment?

After the order is confirmed, we must receive a 50% deposit before we can proceed with the production of the order. Upon completion, we will notify you by e-mail and the balance of the order must be wired (TT) to our account before we can dispatch the shipment. Our banking information will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your order.  

7.  What are the prices for your products?

All our Silver electroform Jewelry is sold by the gram. Our labor price depends on the item and the quantity. The Silver price fluctuates daily, to see the price of Silver PLEASE CLICK -> 


8.  Can we QC the goods before you ship them?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory grounds and quality check the goods. Schedule with us an appointment before hand.

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